Sunday, June 18, 2017

Time flies

I apologize to myself. I know not a lot of people don't read blogs anymore, they are really quite a lost art. But I do like that I have a place to put up several pictures that appear in some sort of order. I wish I wasn't so infrequent in my posting because heaven knows my kids are doing all sorts of cool things these days. Lucy is reading. Sam is learning to ride his balance bike. Rose is improving her yogurt slathering abilities. Well, here comes a photo dump of the last few months. Hope you get the general idea of what is going on....

  One day Aunt Jo came to visit. It was so much fun!

Lucy has started to read a lot more these days. She really likes Dr. Suess.

She also likes to wear unusual things on her head. Then she teaches her sister....

Sam is learning how to make matches. He is pretty proud of himself!

Once there was a little girl who decided that she didn't feel so well so mommy got to have snuggles. I did not mind one bit!

We were pretending to be like queen Esther for our preschool.

Sometimes mom let's them paint boxes for fun.

Rose admiring the winter scene outside!

This is how Sam puts his clothes away!

Making cookies!

 Lucy lost her first top front tooth...

Sam made a rainbow at preschool.

Lucy lost her other top front tooth.

Now she wants to drink with a straw where the teeth used to be...

Sam took a winter sports class. He liked football and baseball.

We visited grandma K and colored snowballs again!

We also colored....

Took Sam on a daddy-mommy-Sam date...

And went to a maple sugar shack!

We tried on our wedding attire in preparation for Geoff and Shelby's wedding.

And right before we left we had some quality time reading with Grandma Nancy!

We went to Utah and saw all our "Schillemat" cousins! Lily and Rose are the same size now!

And then Geoff and Shelby got married so we partied!

We also visited with Grandma Marie and Aunt Annie and Zoe!

Zoe and Annie went to the Hogle Zoo with us!

Sam was excited about the Gorillas!

Then we headed home!

Rose started working more seriously on her mullet!

We celebrated Easter!

Then we watched the Boston Marathon with our favorite Hopkinton family!

Lucy drew daddy!

And Rose embraced her mullet and decided to go 80s rock band...

We visited the Ecotarium and tried out a bunch of the indoor exhibits...

Then we went outdoors and founds some awesome streams and sandboxes!

And the train!

Then we finished up May by going to the Capron Zoo!

Mid may Lucy had an art show. She made a pinch pot that looked like a monster!

And then Lucy had a birthday! Her cake was filled with jelly beans....And it was pink, very pink!!

We headed up to NH and spent mommy birthday with Big Daddy D and Grandma K. Mom and Dad went galactic bowling with Big Daddy D.

Mom actually got over 100!

 We ate marshmellows!

And went on a hike to the top of a windy pitcher mountain.

And ever since we have been doing this...

And this....

And this....

 And this....

 And this....

 Lucy had field day!

 And we worked on growing potatoes and basil!

We visited R2D2 at the library!

We continued our bike riding!

And Lucy had her end of the year class party!

And that folks is what is going on in our lives. When I went through these pictures I realized that we have done quite a bit these last few months. Lucy has one last day where she meets her 1st grade teacher and then we start full swing into summer. Hooray for strawberries, hiking, swimming, vacations, etc... We are ready for it!

Until next probably 3 months!